Embark on a journey of empowerment with our array of foundational educational courses designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills necessary for success.

Our Citizenship Classes are tailored to prepare you thoroughly for your citizenship interview and civics exam. With our team’s firsthand experience, we ensure you’re well-prepared for success. We provide both in-person and virtual sessions, catering to your schedule and the needs of out-of-state individuals and families. Additionally, we offer referrals for those requiring help with naturalization paperwork or other immigration-related concerns.

The program enhances adults’ proficiency in reading, writing, math, and computer usage, offering typing courses to refine keyboarding skills for faster and easier computer writing. We also support adults preparing for GED tests. Learning English in our supportive environment empowers students to confidently navigate everyday tasks like answering phones or filling out forms. With year-round, flexible, in-person, and online classes, we accommodate diverse schedules.

Moreover, the organization fosters innovation by granting public access, particularly in Africa, to a vast library of over 40,000 free electronic and hardcopy books, benefiting over 80,000 students.

Numerous immigrants qualify to apply for driver learner’s permits. However, for those already skilled in driving, the most daunting aspect is passing the learner’s permit test. To alleviate this challenge, we provide complimentary in-person and online sessions aimed at helping you prepare thoroughly for the written test.